A world- traveling musician Iseul Kim


Two Voices
Korean Modern Music Ensemble

Tearing down a genre and blending two different sounds can result in something completely new that didn't exist in the world before.

The use of instrumentation for this project makes this work special since it is in a range of Eastern to Western. 

The music includes traditional, classical, jazz, and world music concepts and was tranformed as a new thing that is the original sound for Two Voices.


Iseul Kim Trio
Jazz/ world music

“Iseul Kim Trio” gives voice to her memories through the power of jazz language. 

They implement techniques of composition and performance that are not often found, as they were forged through the experimental use of instruments from all over the world. 

Together, with drummer Jaewon Lee and bassist Inyoung Kim, Iseul Kim’s storytelling compositions are brought to life.



World Music/ Classical

Liberosis, formed in 2018, is an eclectic blend of classical and jazz musicians, channeling their creative prowess through the lens of tango music.

 What makes the band most remarkable is the culmination of styles and skills among players and their ability to improvise. Their mixture of classical, jazz, and Latin music has resulted in a new style - rarely performed or heard in the world.

 The leader, Iseul Kim formed this group with a sound in her mind and later brought in other musicians with an emphasis on world music.

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